During the mid-1990s, Carlos Gomez, a co-founder of Dos Boots, resided in Oaxaca, Mexico, where he divided his time between riding the waves during the day and serving Mezcal at a local bar during the evenings. It was in Oaxaca that he developed a profound appreciation for the distinct spirit and the rich culture that surrounded it.

In 2017, Carlos and his family relocated to California, where he quickly formed a close connection with fellow veterans of the surfing industry, Jim Shubin and Joe McElroy. While riding the waves together at their local surf spot, they began to envision an extraordinary Mezcal experience that they could share with the world.

Dos Boots emerged from these discussions and concepts. The trio embarked on numerous journeys to the Oaxacan coast, engaging in both surfing and exploring the local palenques (distilleries). It was on one such expedition that they embarked on a significant drive along Highway 175, deep into the Sierra, in pursuit of the ultimate Mezcal—and they discovered it.

The name Dos Boots encapsulates the essence of this true narrative, a lived adventure that brings together two cultures.

One boot symbolizes Mexican culture, and the other boot signifies American culture.

From Dos Boots we raise our glass and say "Salud!"


Our mission is to share the best mezcal spirit from the roots of Oaxaca with you all, and for that, we work closely with the best "mezcaleros" to make sure we deliver the experience you deserve when enjoying Dos Boots. We take pride in sharing this journey with you.

YES! It's personal, and made with love.