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Dos Boots Mezcal



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  • 50% ALC./VOL.
  • 750 ml.
  • Joven
  • 100% Maguey Castilla
  • Denominación de origen protegida
  • Producto de México
  • Village: Jayacatlán
  • Maestro Mezcalero: Israel Palestino Cruz
  • Cooking: Conical Earth Pit Oven
  • Milling: Tahona stone wheel
  • Fermentation: Clay pots
  • Distillation: Double distilled in clay still pots

Product Information

Introducing Dos Boots Mezcal Castilla Ancestral, from the municipality of Jayacatlan in the "Central Valleys" of Oaxaca. Harvested on hillsides at an elevation of approximately 4,000 feet, the Castilla agaves are carefully tended by our Maestro Mezcalero, Israel Palestino, and his team who do the whole Ancestral production process. This highly sought-after agave species is known for providing a unique and exotic flavor that sets it apart from other Mezcals. Our Ancestral Castilla Mezcal is very limited and is fermented and distilled in clay pots, giving it a distinct earthy flavor and is 100 proof. Dos Boots Mezcal Castilla Ancestral is unique, zesty, and robust on the palate, with a Aspicy fruit aroma and a slightly sweet roasted finish. Its complexity proves the Castilla to be a true connoisseur's choice.

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